Refund Policy

When the refund gets validated, and how will I get reimbursed?

The refund process will begin after our team will complete a quality check of the returned product. Product quality checked may take 2 to 3 days from the date OnlineSpot will receive the item. Our team will coordinate with you regarding the results of the quality check.

Item is eligible for return.

If an item is eligible for a return, then the customer has many possibilities to get their refund.

  • The customer will get a store credit Refund Voucher of the amount that paid for the returned item. To get a new purchase that is on the site subtracting that sum in the complete that is new. The refund depending on the amount, will be reimbursed via an internet bank transfer in your bank account or using a cheque.
  • The customer will get a complete cash refund of the returned item.
  • In case of credit card payment, a refund can be possible via online bank transfer or into a customer bank account or via a cheque mailed to your address.
Time frame with post quality check:
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I’ve Purchased a Product on Sale or Using a Discount Code. What amount will you refund me?  

For items bought available, if a refund is permitted on the selling thing, the amount paid will be the exact sum paid for your product, rather than its initial price.

For instance: If you bought a product available for Rs. 500, and its initial worth was Rs. 1000, then we’ll refund you Rs. 500 only.